What is an NLP chatbot, and do you ACTUALLY need one? RST Software

Why NLP is a must for your chatbot Put your knowledge to the test and see how many questions you can answer correctly. In addition, the existence of multiple channels has enabled countless touchpoints where users can reach and interact with. Furthermore, consumers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and using traditional typing methods isn’t everyone’s cup […]

Natural Language Understanding NLU definition Conversational AI Dictionary

NLP vs NLU vs. NLG: Understanding Chatbot AI NLG also encompasses text summarization capabilities that generate summaries from in-put documents while maintaining the integrity of the information. Extractive summarization is the AI innovation powering Key Point Analysis used in That’s Debatable. While NLU processes may seem instantaneous to the casual observer, there is much going […]

Customer Support Chatbot: #1 Rated For AI Powered FAQ Bot

Custom chatbots from your documentation Those are all genuinely desirable benefits, and they could be valuable to your business. Canva’s AI chatbot sets expectations upfront with a disclaimer about accuracy and terms of use, preparing users for the AI interaction. This preemptive communication helps manage user expectations and reduce potential misunderstandings or complaints. T-Mobile’s chatbot […]